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I don’t know to what end this blog will find itself. Originally it was registered in the run up to Obama’s election, in response to how often “common sense” was thrown around in reference to laws, politics, or other aspects of the governance of the United States of America. As time marched its steady pace forth, I found myself wanting to write yet never finding the time.

Over the course of this blog’s existence, I hope to address a number of issues. The first and primary is gun control. Astute readers, or those well versed in modern political rhetoric, will recognize Common Sense Thought Control (hereafter CSTC) as a modification of the Brady Campaign’s “common sense gun control” rhetoric. In many ways, their approach towards the debate on firearms laws and restrictions is based entirely on controlling public thought on firearms. Deconstructing their rhetoric and that of similar control advocates in an effort to address the myriad variety of questions and retorts commonly employed by them will take many posts. At time, in response, my own musings may exceed both my ability to word them and/or depth of thought yet invested. Bear with me, as this is as much a journey for my own expository exploration of thoughts as it is a formalized set of arguments or positions in which I traditionally find myself engaged.

Beyond the issue of gun control, I would also like to investigate Constitutional parameters in the modern context. The modern US view seems to have lost the idea of limited national governance. Congress is expected to hold near absolute authority in the realm of law. In my eyes, this flies in the face of Article 1, Sections 8 (and the associated Amendments 9-10).

Though it’s not a topic I intend to delve into deeply or often, the thoughts and debates come up enough to warrant mention. Religion and its effects on people, the world, et cetera will likely end up discussed.

Finally, as other political, economic, or social happenings occur, I may provide commentary thereupon. As previously stated, this is exploratory. Though I will try to be straight with my words and thoughts, logically consistent, et cetera, I cannot guarantee perfection upon genesis. Thoughts are iterative, and must be examined, stretched, refined, or even removed as new information or analysis is encountered. It is in that willingness to think we overcome adversity, preconceived ideas of what is right or wrong, and ultimately define a viewpoint that, while not consensus, serves the ends determined best for the People. Welcome, and enjoy!

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